Monday 28 April 2014

Telos Publishing regenerates with new site, and new titles on way

Telos Logo 2014

After 14 years of business British independent publishers Telos have regenerated their website, a move coinciding with several new title announcements.

"It was time for a change," explains Publishing Director David J Howe.

Telos Publishing specialises in horror and media titles. Recent books include The Abominable Snowman by Robert Rankin, featuring the return of Barry the Time Travelling Sprout; and Jinx Town by Sam Stone - an epic sci-fi horror novel from this favourite author.

"The original site had served us well for many years," David continues, "but the world of online sales has moved on and we needed to catch up!"

The new site combines a simple interface with details of all Telos' catalogue of titles, and even allows for flash sales and discounts to be made available.

"One of the issues with the original site was that we couldn't easily offer discounts without extensive coding work," says David. "But the new site allows us to be flexible and to present sales and offers across our range, whenever we want."

Telos' catalogue has grown since the company's inception to now feature over 140 titles. They specialise in guides to a variety of cult television and film series, but also have a growing fiction catalogue, including works from authors such as Simon Clark, Graham Masterton, Mike Ripley, Hank Janson, Andrew Hook, Sam Stone and many others.

New titles for 2014 include an extensive guide to The Avengers television series, Crime novels from Priscilla Masters, Horror and fantasy fiction from Helen McCabe, Rhys Hughes and Sam Stone, and the new The Abominable Showmannovel from Robert Rankin. They even have some Erotica and Romance titles in the mix, so there really is something for everyone.

The Telos site can be found at, and there are sale offers across all the ranges, with some titles being as low as 99 pence.

"We decided to reduce the prices across all the ranges," says David, "where the books had been available for some time, or where we had fairly high stock levels remaining."

Hopefully this means that buyers can pick up some bargains, whether from our well-received Time Hunter series - which spun-off from their Doctor Who fiction range - or across their Horror novels and novellas - where titles by authors like Stephen Gallagher, Steve Savile, George Mann and T M Wright can be snapped up.

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