Friday, 10 August 2012

Here be (Bob's) Dragons...

SciFi Art Now contributor Bob Eggleton has just announced the release of his long-awaited Dragon Kalender (2013), on sale from Austria-based publishers Weltbild.

If you don't mind owning a calendar in German, then for €9.99 (plus delivery) you get 12 amazing images of dragons, beautifully painted by Hugo award-winning fantasy/SF artist Bob in a large-format calendar (35 cm x 51cm. 

The small images here don't do justice to Bob's amazing work - check out the Kalendar's page for larger versions.

Publishers Weltbild launched way back in 1948 as a small family business and have gone on to become one of Austria's biggest mail order company for books, music, DVDs and gifts. 

• Check out their web site using Google Translate if you don't speak German via

• View or buy the calendar at:

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